Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Post

Everything I know I heard on NPR. Or at least that's how it seems. Once a week during FOT lunches, or during my Tuesday or Wednesday night set dinners with "family", our topics of conversation range widely but we always come back to the good ones - the things we heard on NPR. This blog probably won't always be about things I heard on NPR, but it's certainly a good start. The rest of the time I'll probably write about random things happening in my life, if I write about anything at all.

So current thought from NPR: Yesterday, I heard Kai Ryssdal (who would have thought he spelled his name that way) prompt a story about Barry Glassner's book which says that descriptions of food at the supermarket are intended to make us feel like we're doing a social action by buying "free range" or "organic" food. Since I'm currently reading the Omnivore's Dilemma, along with the lovely ladies in my book club, I was interested to hear more about what Michael Pollan calls "Supermarket Pastoral". (I love that term, it brings me back to my high school Latin class.) I was really excited that even though I missed the story, I was able to read the transcript at Tues Night Family Night (TNFN) on, but then totally disappointed to find only the most superficial interview on the subject. Now I wonder whether all the other interviews on Marketplace are equally flimsy and I just didn't notice it because the topic isn't something I'm very familiar with like food, or if the rest of the interviews are great but this one is not so good. Besides this NPR discussion (and another few interviews today too), in the last couple days since I started reading the Omnivore's Dilemma every place I look seems to be related - I've read a couple articles already in an old issue of Time Magazine I had sitting around at home that were relevant, as was a blog I read very irregularly that I just happened to check. I wonder if everyone is obsessed with the dilemma of what to eat or if it's just me.

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