Saturday, April 14, 2007


I hate taxes even more than you do. I really, really hate them. I would rather pay more taxes than have to go through filling out Turbo Tax, alternately feeling like I'm stupid because I'm paying too much and fearing that I might be missing something and will have to pay thousands of dollars in a future audit. So I was really surprised that a story about taxes today on Weekend America left me with a temporary warm and fuzzy feeling towards the IRS.

I was not surprised to learn that the IRS wants everyone, illegal immigrant or otherwise, to pay taxes. What I didn't realize was that they do not tell any other federal agency that someone is illegal, and they give refunds to illegal aliens. In the piece, Krissy Clark interviewed a woman who helps illegal aliens do their taxes. Apparently wherever she goes, she talks to workers at hotels or restaurants letting them know that they can pay taxes - and they want to do so ! (I'm guessing the potential refund is more exciting than just feeling like a part of the country, but illegal immigrants who file their taxes also look better when trying to later change to a legal status.) She talked about the fear that many immigrants feel that by filing taxes they'll be found and deported, but she also told a heartwarming story about a man who had worked here for 13 years without doing his taxes and she was able to get him a $600 refund for the past three years, which he sent to his children in Mexico to allow them to buy food and clothes.

I'm still not sure what I think about illegal immigration (see my previous post on the subject) but it's nice to know that the IRS loves us all - as long as we pay up.

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