Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why Canadians make fun of our low voter turnout

Compare all the craziness of the caucus process, the challenges of voting either through our interminable scantron ballot or digital voting machines, and just generally the over-involved process us Americans go through to what C's Vancouver absentee ballot looks like:
(pencil added for size reference)

And is it any wonder Canadians are more likely to vote?

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Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see voter turnout in the US for 2008. I have a feeling it will be much higher than in Canada.

Canadian politics over the years has become increasingly boring. The country lacks a national strategy and vision for what we want Canada’s future to be. This lack of vision emerges from both sides of the House of Commons, filtering into low voter turnout, random MP selections and minority governments.

Is it that Canada has achieved many of the challenges facing other nations around the world? Immigration/integration, social issues, gov't budgets, healthcare, all 80% or more resolved. Is Canada fresh out of national strategic goals?

That's the real difference between Canadian and American politics of today. Americans are hungry for change, optimistic about the future, wanting better things for themselves and their families. That's what the Obama campaign in particular has brought out in everyday people.

So what's next? Where does Canada want to be in the next 5, 10, 50years? I'm not sure we know. What we really need are some LEADERS to show us the way, instilling that passion to improve our lives and our country.