Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The last non-capitalist in America

Robert Siegel interviewed a sweet old baseball card collector named Lionel Carter yesterday on All Things Considered who was heartbroken about having to sell his cards for over a million dollars, and counting. Mr. Carter has been collecting baseball cards for years but a while ago his house got broken into and his cards were stolen. Although they were recovered, his wife put her foot down and insisted that he get the cards out of the house. Robert Siegel asked him why he didn't just put them in a safe deposit box and Mr. Carter, in that way that people have of explaining something so simply that you just feel kind of stupid but you know that they don't intend to make you feel that way, said that it would take a lot of space to store 50,000 baseball cards and all the albums he keeps them in, and anyway then he wouldn't be able to show anyone his collection. Instead he's had to put them up for auction, but he sadly said that he's not paying attention to the amount of money they're making because it just makes him miss his cards. At the end of the interview, Robert Siegel said, "well congratulations on your 1.3 million dollars so far" and Mr. Carter just said, "Okay." I truly think he's the last person who's not out to make a buck in this whole country.

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