Saturday, March 10, 2007


I usually find that when I tune into a segment halfway through, I can eventually follow along with no problems. This is a good thing because, as is reasonable with a medium that I mostly listen to in my car, I can't guarantee that I will only begin listening on the hour or at such time as a segment is likely to begin.
Today, however, I tuned into Weekend America in time to hear the last couple minutes of what was probably only a three or four minute piece. Apparently a man in Chicago had gotten a tattoo. It was a very special tattoo. He had worked on it for an hour or so with the tattoo artist. I believe he's a tattoo artist himself but he only has two tattoos - I'll keep my comments about that to myself. Anyhow, this weekend, he was booked solid all day Sunday tattooing the same tattoo on a whole bunch of other people who wanted to get the same tattoo to support the cause, and to be fashionable. You would think that in two minutes, and with the repetition of the phrase "this tattoo" at least five times, one of those times would have re-described or defined the tattoo, even in some tiny way, but no. So for the next few hours as I ran my errands, and as I started to write this blog posting, I remained ignorant.

(I did look it up just now before publishing this post and now I'm actually just confused. See for yourself at here.)

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