Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pledge Drive

I don't really mind the pledge drive going on right now on NPR - or at least not as much as everyone around me seems to. In fact, sometimes I find their commentary amusing, and if it's really irritating I just change the channel or put on some music instead. But today, I caught part of the pledge drive during Day to Day and the reporter speaking (I didn't catch her name) was one of the least persuasive people I've ever heard. First of all, she was yelling, "where are you? where are you?" in a fairly accusatory way. Then she said, "come on, you know that NPR is where you turn when you get tired of listening to the other radio stations, or when the TV is boring and you want to do something else...so you should pledge". If I had been on the verge of pledging, I would have stopped just so that she wouldn't think that her bizarre NPR put-down had worked on me. In fact, I think that they might have been better off without her speaking at all - silence would be a good example of all you might hear on 94.9 if KUOW wasn't around.

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