Wednesday, March 7, 2007

NPR mash note

You know in high school when the boy you like smiles at you and you feel excited and tingly all day long? This morning I was driving in from the gym and turned on the radio to hear Steve Scher interviewing Ira Glass on Weekday and I had the same reaction. They were discussing Ira's new TV show (starting on Showtime Mar 22, although I don't know how well it will translate from the radio*) and having callers tell stories that they think might be worthy of ending up on This American Life, with Ira giving them critical feedback in his unique voice. One of the women calling in was told that her story probably didn't have enough oomph and her comment was something like, "that's okay, I just wanted to have a chance to talk to Ira." I know how she feels. Tingle tingle.

*I'd never seen a photo of Ira, but I looked up the story on the KUOW website this morning and now I really don't know how his show will translate. Unfortunately the man does have a face for radio. I love him anyway.


Anonymous said...

The show at the Paramount last night was great! Ira Glass is amazing (and the show looks frikkin awesome!).
Dan Savage is superb too (he read a story and was so funny!)

SabraGirl said...

I'm so bummed to have missed it - next time he's in town, someone tell me!! :-)

Anonymous said...

It was advertised on NPR :)